Mack Workshop will be suspending new orders during the month of December. Read more here.


December Closure

Jon MacKinnon

As of the 1st of December, Mack Workshop will only be accepting orders under the condition they wont be started until the 1st of January-ish. You will be able to visit the site and place orders, but there will be an obvious disclaimer stating that your order will not be with you until the new year.

The reason for doing this is because I need an extended period of time to concentrate on the orders I already have, as well as ensure any orders which are placed this month which I assume will include gifts for the holiday season can be completed, while not having to worry about new orders which are coming in.

I have had quite a busy year, which I am incredibly thankful for, but with that success come many stresses. I work a full time job around Mack Workshop, meaning I only get 3 full days a week to make bags, and two of those days are allegedly supposed to be spent relaxing and not worrying about work!

My lead times have grown throughout the year, and while I do try to stick to the times I state, there are occasions when this slips, which isn't fair on anyone, and it's been happening more often than I'd like. I don't mean for it to happen, but if I get 10-15 orders in a week - which isn't unheard of for a busy month - and I can only get 5-10 orders done at the weekend, then I very quickly end up in a position where the hours I have available to make aren't enough to ensure my output is greater than demand. While I can create a run of a dozen Road Rolls in an hour or two, something like a Saddle Bag will take me half a day, and a Rando Bag can take me 3 or 4 days at times due to the complexity and complete custom nature of them.

So my plan for December is as follows: get all my existing orders done, sent out, completed 100%. I feel this is an achievable goal if I use my time wisely. My other goal is to attempt to create "stock". This would include things such as Road Rolls, Jersey Pouches, and Bar Bags, since they're my best sellers. This would bring lead times down on these items down to nothing, as long as I can keep them stocked. 

One of the problems I have with this business is the variable nature. I might make 5 black Road Rolls, and sell 1, but need to make 1 in orange, 2 in pink and 1 reflective. Or, I might make the 1 black, 1 orange, 2 pink and 1 reflective in one go, because batching a run of products makes my life much easier, but it then means that the person who ordered the black one is waiting maybe 3 weeks for it, while the person who ordered the reflective one gets it almost immediately.

I am constantly struggling with not knowing if I should create orders as they come in, which is less efficient for me, but more beneficial for the customers, or wait until I have X of something (5 Bar Bags for example) and create them all in one go because that's the most efficient way for me to work.

I hope that you can understand my need to do this, it may work, it may not, but this business is a constant learning experience for me, and I need to do all I can to ensure that you as a customer get the best experience from me.