Inside The Sack

Jon MacKinnon

Although I find blogging incredibly hard to do because I often find myself wondering what to write about, I'm going to start doing hopefully monthly features on my one off projects, potential future products, and every now and then my stocked items. The first of these is a feature on The Sack.

Over the last 18 months or so The Sack has gone through a constant cycle of what I consider to be improvements. My first pack was super stripped down, and as my needs increased I added more features to it, it started with side pockets, then came an internal slip pocket for my laptop sleeve, but more recently I've made what I consider to be "The Sack: Redux".

It's not a million miles away from the original Sack, but there are a few minor differences. What I consider to be most obvious is the removal of the webbing across the width of the pack. When I first made the bag I didn't know how best to attach the straps to hold the rolltop down, and I knew I didn't want to use velcro in any way, so I just stuck a couple of bits of webbing across it to contain everything. Now the reflective panel has been added it's given me the ability to tuck the rolltop strap under there, making for a tidier front panel.

The main area of improvement is the back and straps. These now feature a 4mm padded spacer mesh - as well as 10mm closed cell padding - which should help keep your back and shoulders slightly cooler. Again the webbing across the back is gone, and the straps, handle and rolltop strap are tucked under the mesh, which cleans up the back of the pack nicely.

I've also removed the velcro closure on the lining of the bag. I found that when I was putting my hand in to get things out of the bag it sometimes caught on the velcro, and the last thing I wanted is for my customers to ruin their potentially expensive clothes or kit, which is why it's now gone for good.

Although I'm probably the only person who will notice these changes, I think they make for a better product overall, and I also feel that constant iteration is the best way to improve products. I imagine I will continue to make small changes to The Sack as I produce more of them, but as it stands right now, I absolutely love it.