About Me

Mack Workshop is an independent maker of bespoke bags and accessories, aimed at the conscientious buyer. My products aren’t mass produced, they’re all hand cut from high quality materials, sewn, packaged and posted, one by one.

With roots planted firmly in cycling, it was a disappointment with the offerings from other brands that led to the inception of Mack Workshop. My ethos is that simple, high quality, and good value for money products are a necessity, anything other than that is a waste of time.

My products are real world tested by every day people. From commuters to couriers and everything in between, all my cycling accessories have been taken to hell and back since prototype 001 was first attached to a bike.

With a passion for the outdoors the product range is ever expanding to areas previously untouched by myself, and if you have an idea for something interesting and want to be part of that quest of exploration, then please, get in touch.


Where's my order?

Mack Workshop is an evenings and weekends side project which I juggle around my full time job. Current lead time is visible on every product page so please check this before getting in contact with me. You'll receive a shipping notification as soon as it goes out and orders usually arrive in 1-2 days in the UK.

Can you do this bigger/smaller?

Absolutely! If you want something customised, even if it's just a centimetre difference, just drop me an email and we can work it out.

I saw X on your Instagram but it's not on your store, can I buy one?

Yep, send me over an email letting me know what you want and we can go from there.