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Cockpit Combo

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As standard all bags come in black. Alternative colours are available on request, please check the Available Colours page.

If you're looking for a setup for your handlebars these options combine some of the most popular bags to save you a bit of cash compared to buying them separately.

Bar Bag

If you've got a bit more to carry than will fit in your jersey pockets, or you need a place for your wallet, phone, keys on your commute, this bar bag is ideal.

Stem Bag

Fumbling around for snacks in your pockets is a recipe for disaster. The Stem Bag allows you to keep snacks or drinks close by, which makes it ideal for full frame bag users.

Top Tube Bag

Designed for keeping frequently accessed kit close by, our Top Tube Bag is ideal for cameras, phones, keys or snacks, and can be mounted behind the stem or in front of the seat post, depending on your requirements.